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GRANINOX, the widest range of blasting abrasive for surface treatment on the market.

With 7 different solutions, #GRANINOX Stainless Steel Shot and Grit can be used both on turbine and on compressed air machines: 5 spherical and 2 angular types to offer the most advantageous technical and economic solution for customer applications.

Chemical composition, microstructure, corrosion resistance, hardness and durability differentiate each product. 
All Pometon abrasives are of exclusive internal production manufactured in Italian factories.

Iron fuel technology

2021 will be the turning point for Carbon Neutrality and the Zero Emissions target.
Pometon Spa, who for years has been using technologies that enhance the Circular Economy, is participating in Metal Energy Carrier project with SOLID and the Eindhoven University of Technology to combine energy transition and economic development.

In fact, iron powder burns in a similar way to coal, but with the great advantage of not releasing CO2 during combustion.

Last October, the first beers on iron fuel were brewed. The iron fuel was burned to produce steam and that steam was used to brew beer. All without CO2 emissions!

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We measure in 3D!

Pometon LAB is equipped with ECLIPSE 500 Coordinate Measuring Machine, a sophisticated high-precision three-dimensional measuring system from ZEISS Industrial Metrology, the leading company in the industrial metrology sector.

Managed by patented ZEISS software, it allows complex geometries components measurement with micron precision. Three-dimensional metrology represents the maximum technological innovation in manufacturing processes and allows Pometon Spa to reach the highest quality levels.

Always one step ahead to ensure our customers performing products.

Diamonds Tools

Cobalt is expensive especially in this period and it is a carcinogenic metal. 
The companies that work in diamond tools production are trying to substitute it with other hard materials and finding alternatives.

Pometon Spa produces a wide range of powders for the Diamond Tools industry: Electrolytic and atomized Copper, Bronze, Brass, CuP alloys, Zinc, Tin, and Iron among the others.

We also:

  • create different mix for different applications
  • supply formulations specifically tailored for our clients’ processes, also in order to help substitute cobalt

Copper Electrolitic powder

Pometon Ultrafine Copper Powders are high added value materials, manufactured using a specific electrolytic process.

These powders are produced with a special technique developed by Pometon, in a particular dendritic shape and very fine size offering low apparent density and high specific surface area to enable high fill rates.

Pometon Ultrafine Copper Powders have a wide range of applications, from multi-functional electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding films, to conductive pastes, conductive inks and conductive films used in smart phones, tablets, and other devices.

Brakealloy: Features and Plus

Pometon Brakealloy represents a range of innovative, environmentally friendly, iron based metal powders.

  • designed for cu-free applications
  • environmentally friendly
  • extremely adaptable
  • global cost saver

The expertise within the Pometon technical team is available to customers, helping you find the most suitable Brakealloy and how to extract the most benefit from its introduction in your formulations. Tailor-made product customizations are also possible, and we are available to develop together the most efficient answer to your needs.

Pometon SS Powders

From the decades-long Pometon Powder Metallurgy tradition, the new stainless steel Pometon SS Powders are born.
Our 304L, 316L and 430L water atomised powders find application in various sectors, particularly in the Automotive sector (components of the exhaust system and silencer, valve seats and guides...) but also in the Industrial Markets (medical equipment, locks , household appliances, components for agriculture and gardening).

Pometon researchers, in collaboration with the most important European Universities, have obtained the best results of stainless steel powders, not only with regard to the highest degree of resistance to oxidation, but also on resistance to green, compressibility, apparent density, dimensional change during sintering and on properties of the sintered part such as tensile strength, hardness, ductility, elongation.

Pometon Spa produces and supplys SS Powders with different particle size distribution, with specific chemical composition and mixed with different types of lubricants.

Pometon Applications

Pometon Spa is today the largest European producer of copper powder electrolytic and atomized and an esteemed producer of stainless steel blasting media, ferrous and non-ferrous powders. Among pure powder, Pometon is skilful for iron, bronze, brass, tin and zinc, as well as for diffusion bondeds, press-ready iron and bronze premixes.

Our products are used worldwide in a variety of applications:

  • Sinter
  • Carrier
  • Friction
  • Chemical
  • Metalworking
  • Carbon brushes
  • Jewellery
  • Sintering to Diamond tools

Having achieved high levels of product innovation and continuous improvement, with a quality management system conforming to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 certifications, Pometon works with all the major automotive brands, with the best global players in the chemical industry and is expanding, acquiring new customers in the aerospace and electronics sectors.

Brakealloy: Pometon friction solutions

BRAKEALLOY is part of a broader collaborative research effort aimed at developing copper-free brake pads for the automotive sector. The powder is an Iron-based, copper free alloy designed for brake pads and was developed after a multi-year R&D program in collaboration with brake pads producers and high-profile R&D centres. The powder is in industrial production.
Pometon continues to be the only European's producer with a complete product portfolio that covers water atomised iron, copper and copper alloys and electrolytic copper powders.

Pometon BSI Certification

Pometon Spa confirms its commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, achieving the certification of the Management System for Safety and Health in the workplace, in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 45001: 2018 standard and fully embracing the claim of the historical British certification body BSI: "making excellence a habit".

The role of copper

The role of copper in friction applications is very important due to his chemical-physical properties, in particular the heat transfer/dissipation during braking and noise and vibration performance, that make its substitution very difficult.

Since 2010, the states of Washington and California adopted legislation to ban the usage of Copper in brake pads, so the global brake pad industry has been looking for alternatives.

The Pometon Spa R&D Centre - in collaboration with brake pads producers and high-profile R&D centres - has defined the fundamental guidelines to achieve the new formulations copper - free for the automotive sector.