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Save our Rhino!

Pometon is alongside Rhino Force to defend the weakest and make a contribution to environmental protection.

Thanks to the purchase of the handmade #Beadology bracelets, Pometon supports the rhino conservation project in South Africa, offering concrete help to local communities.

New Pometon's steel powders!

AISI 316L is an austenitic steel powder with very low carbon content for uses where good formability must be coupled with excellent resistance to corrosion.
Excellent resistance to corrosion even in the presence of chloride ions and fairly good in the presence of weak solutions of reducing acids.

AISI 304L is the most common between the austenitic stainless steel, with an excellent corrosion resistance, ductility, formability and weldability.
It can be used in many application: from cryogenic temperatures up to 900°C, from household appliances to white goods, as well ad tanks for chemical products.

Pometon can produce and supply AISI 316L & AISI 304L powder with different particle size distribution, with specific chemical composition and mixed with different types of lubricants.

Pometon Spa is pleased to present new high performance “Cobalt free alloys”

Pometon Spa is pleased to present new high performance “Cobalt free alloys” to reduce costs and eliminate the toxic effects of cobalt on humans and the environment.
The objective is to replace cobalt with other alloys, in particular iron-based, produced by different proprietary methods which have excellent results in terms of use and cutting performance.

Pometon has developed several iron based families of diamond bonds and a series of additives for the improvement of the life and the cutting performance of the tools. Powder metal matrixes can be sintered by free sintering and a hot press process. The hardness range of metal matrixes are from 200 to 650 HV different toughness/resilience.

Supplier Excellence Award 2022

Pometon Spa is pleased to share and celebrate the "Supplier Excellence Award" 2022 received from the excellent customer Schunk Carbon Technology Ldt.

An important award obtained thanks to the work of the whole #Pometon Team, to a stable quality, good relationships and an active customer service.


Pometon reinvents the rules on TiAl6V4 U-ELI.

Thinking about the new frontiers of biomedical and aerospace in terms of performance and reuse of powders, Pometon has managed with its Argon atomization plants to obtain oxygen values below 700ppm, nitrogen below 50 ppm and hydrogen below 20 ppm.

From today the TiAl6V4 U-ELI - Ultra-Extra Low Interstitials - can be requested to Pometon Team to be tested in your additive technology machines.

European Week for Safety and Health at Work

Pometon Spa celebrates the European Week for Health and Safety which is celebrated with many awareness events in all EU countries, and practiced every day in Pometon.
By analyzing the technical and behavioral dangers in the workplace guarantees a safe place of work.


Titanium and Titanium Alloys

Here in Pometon Titanium Alloys Powders are now available!

Additive manufacturing technologies require various size distributions of powder, and not all powder atomization methods are suitable for titanium and reactive alloys.
Electrode Inert Gas Atomization (EIGA) is a crucible-free technology and for this reason is one of the famous methods of producing powder for additive manufacturing.

#EIGA continuously feeds a rotating, high-purity, pre-alloyed bars into an induction coil to form a molten stream that free-falls directly into a high-velocity inert gas, producing highly spherical powder particles. The powders produced by EIGA demonstrate superior chemistry, flowability and exhibited very round morphology and very high bulk density.

R&D Center

The Pometon R&D Centre uses the Freeman FT4 Rheometer to characterize the physical properties of powders such as flowability, bulk density and compaction capacity.

For the production of powders for Additive Manufacturing and for the development of Ready to Press products for the Press & Sintering sector, the high-level characterization is the fundamental characteristic that guarantees the supply of high quality powders and technical support of excellence.

Bismuth metallic powder

The combination of metal sulphides with "green and ecologically clean" metallic Bismuth can be considered a modern technology to be used in the brake pad industry to replace expensive or dangerous solid lubricants.

With properties very similar to lead, Bismuth is considered non-toxic and also used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Bismuth can replace lead, previously and widely used as a solid lubricant, in many applications including that of brake pads. Bismuth also has a very high synergy with sulfur, one of the widely used elements, linked to other metals, in the compounds of brake pads for the replacement of copper.

Pometon Spa produces air-atomized Bismuth powders of different grain sizes to help its customers use environmentally friendly materials that are less subject to economic fluctuations in various application sectors including brake pads.

Pometon displays its Bismuth solutions at the FISITA EuroBrake 2022!

Pometon Circular Economy

Pometon Spa is an environmentally friendly partner to its customers, which recognizes its social responsibility for a sustainable future and its commitment to the Circular Economy.

Recycling of materials and respect for the environment are two fundamental values for the Company.

Pometon starts from scraps, transforming them into metal powders to be reintroduced into the market, allowing its customers to create finished products with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Fabio Calzavara

Fabio Calzavara - Regional coordinator of the Triveneto section of A.I.MAN. Italian Maintenance Association, Head of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) of Pometon Spa - is the protagonist of the January focus on maintenance 4.0 of "Lamiera", Meccanica News technical magazine for deformation,  cutting, finishing and assembly of metal sheets.

"Dealing with safety - he said - means dealing with a technological heritage guided by a clear and long-term vision, which must belong to the Company maintenance policy (...). Maintenance means taking care of the entire life cycle of an asset from design to installation up to management and disposal, then technical, safety and environmental aspects.
(...) evolved companies accurately balance different variable policies between corrective, preventive, predictive maintenance which, through data analysis and processing, identifies the most convenient time or the best improving maintenance, accompanied by technological upgrades.
(...) the mission of maintenance engineering is to harmonize these factors by establishing an appropriate mix, depending on variables such as the complexity of the asset, operating conditions, professionalism of the operators, impact of raw materials, saturation in operation ".

The daily experience in Pometon Spa leads to interpreting this philosophy to protect people in terms of safety and environmental protection, as well as guaranteeing continuity to the processes. This necessarily passes through organizational and procedural techniques but also through the use of technologies such as thermography, ultrasound and other non-destructive methods.

The advantage in terms of improving operational and environmental / safety KPI's is significant and a trend of continuous improvement is maintained.

One year of Pometon

2021 was an intense year, full of challenges which, despite the difficulties, the Pometon Team overcame brilliantly.

We successfully launched the new PometonPlus division, focussed on the development of customized powders for 3D Printing and we completed the modernization of the R&D laboratory, which allowed the business to develop and patent new products.

We improved the characteristics of existing products, expanded our product range and we guaranteed a punctual and attentive service to the customer's needs.
We entered into new partnerships, such as the important 3D Printing Strategic Alliance for Dubai, and achieved European projects on Additive Manufacturing.
We participated in the Eurobrake and EuroPM 2021 online and we were finally physically present at Formnext 2021.

We maintained compliance with current legislation in the areas of Safety, Environment and Workers' Health. Thanks to the continuous training of all personnel, the rating and accreditation system of contracted companies and the "Safety Start" path for new hires, we have obtained the lowest annual accident rate.

We have assessed the degree of maturity reached by our sustainability path - in compliance with the ISO 9004: 201 and 26000: 2018 guidelines. In 2022 we have the objective for Pometon to reduce its “Carbon Footprint” and will pursue a rigours programme to reduce electricity consumption throughout the business.

We would like to thank everyone for their contribution to the continued success of the business, it would not be possible without each and every one of you.
Thank you all!

A line of products to create Your idea!

PometonPlus can produce customised AM Powders for the following families: Copper and Copper Alloys, Steel and Stainless Steel and Alloys, Cobalt-Chromium and Alloys, Nickel-Chromium and Alloys, Titanium and Titanium Alloys, Aluminium Silicium and Aluminium Alloys.

Pometon Spa is waiting for you in Frankfurt am Main till the 19 Novembre 2021.
Come visit us at Hall 12.0, Stand E48

Pometon Spa has more than 80 years experience in metallurgy

Pometon Spa has more than 80 years experience in metallurgy and in particular, metallic powders which are used in a plethora of industries ranging from sintering, friction, diamond tools and carbon brushes to name but a few. On account of its strategic vision, Pometon has invested heavily into R&D and as a result it has the unique ability to customize the composition of metallic powders to meet individual customer needs.
Over the last few years, given our excellent reputation in the market for customer service, quality and know-how, our customers were requesting us to specifically produce metallic powders for 3D printing. Due to the growing requests from the market, in December 2019, the company made a strategic decision to leverage its intellectual capital in metallic powder technology, and established a new division, to produce metallic powders for 3D printing.
This is how was born PometonPlus, the Pometon division focused on metal powders aimed at Additive Manufacturing.
PometonPlus relies on Pometon’s extensive experience, which is reflected in the name. The addition of the suffix “Plus” highlights both the strategy to continually move forward and the focus on the Additive Manufacturing. From the headquarters in Maerne, Venice, PometonPlus will benefit of Pometon’s almost centennial experience and its effective distribution network, with subsidiaries in UK, Spain, Germany, India, Turkey and Korea, as well as a second production site in Serbia.
PometonPlus is expected to start production by the end year 2021. Initially the products to be produced are expected to belong to five major product families: 

✔ Copper and Copper Alloys,
✔ Steel and Stainless Steel and Alloys,
✔ Cobalt-Chromium and Alloys,
✔ Nickel-Chromium and Alloys,
✔ Titanium and Titanium Alloys,
✔ Aluminium and Aluminium alloys.

At Formnext - Where ideas take shape - from the 16th to 19th of November 2021 in Frankfurt - Pometon will present its new division. 
Come visit us! Hall 120, Stand E48

The ability to replicate the thermal processes used by our customers is the key success factor for the development of customized high quality powders.

Pometon Spa Research Centre can perform this delicate operation by means of our TAV compound Vacuum and high Vacuum Sintering Furnace. With its molybdenum lanthanum chamber, our technical personnel can perform sintering of stainless steels, special steels and special materials such as Titanium and its alloys with temperature up to 1400 ° C. We can also customize the thermal cycles (cooling down up to 1 ° C / sec) in partial pressure of nitrogen, argon, hydrogen and mixtures of the same gasses, reaching ultra-high vacuum up to 10-4. 

3D Printing Strategic Alliance

Pometon is honored to be part of the 3D Printing Strategic Alliance for Dubai, the Leading Global Hub of 3D Printing launched in July 2020 by HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Chairman of the Executive Council, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Dubai Future Foundation. 

The Alliance, activated from Dubai Future Foundation, is the first initiative of its kind in the world: a comprehensive network of the best institutions around the world, government entities, academia and 3D printing companies, involved in developing innovative solutions and strategies to accelerate the adoption and use of the 3D Printing technology and offer a wide range of products, supplies and services in vital sectors to meet market needs and achieve self-sufficiency, in order to support all government, economic, healthcare and scientific sectors worldwide. 

Pometon will produce the metallic powders that will be used in the 3D printing machine, destined for medical and dental applications. We are very proud because 3D printing will revolutionize all manufacturing systems and we'll waiting for you at Formnext 2021 – the benchmark event for the 3D printing industry in Europe, from the 16th to 19th of November in Frankfurt - showcasing the new division PometonPlus at Hall 12.0, stand E48.

A clean environment is a safe environment!

In Pometon we consider our  Environmental and Safety Policy our top priority.
Every day our Health, Safety and Environment Dept is involved in implementing and monitoring  the correct procedures with respect to hazardous materials, environmental waste, and any other aspects that could potentially damage the environment and our workers.
This is routinely practiced in all plants and subsideries, most importantly our safety and environmental policy is in the core culture of our people.