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Focus On

3D Printing Strategic Alliance

Pometon is honored to be part of the 3D Printing Strategic Alliance for Dubai, the Leading Global Hub of 3D Printing.

A clean environment is a safe environment!

In Pometon we consider our  Environmental and Safety Policy our top priority.

2021 will be the turning point for Carbon Neutrality and the Zero Emissions target.

Pometon Spa is participating in Metal Energy Carrier project.

GRANINOX, the widest range of blasting abrasive for surface treatment on the market.

With 7 different solutions, GRANINOX Stainless Steel Shot and Grit can be used both on turbine and on compressed air machines: 5 spherical and 2 angular types to offer the most advantageous technical and economic solution for customer applications.

Iron fuel technology

2021 will be the turning point for Carbon Neutrality and the Zero Emissions target.

We measure in 3D!

Pometon LAB is equipped with ECLIPSE 500 Coordinate Measuring Machine, a sophisticated high-precision three-dimensional measuring system from ZEISS Industrial Metrology.

Diamonds Tools

Pometon Spa produces a wide range of powders for the Diamond Tools industry.

Copper Electrolitic powder

Pometon Ultrafine Copper Powders are high added value materials, manufactured using a specific electrolytic process.

Brakealloy: Features and Plus

Pometon Brakealloy represents a range of innovative, environmentally friendly, iron based metal powders.

Pometon SS Powders

Case study:
Metallic powders
in restoration

Metals powders are used in restoration, for example compounds containing iron powders are used in to fill gaps in oxidized ornamental iron work.

Examples of powders used in restorations are monuments: Church of Sant’Alvise Cannaregio Pozzo di Piazza Baldassarre Galuppi Burano - Venice 2018

November 2018  
Church of Sant'Alvise
Grate fissate al contorno in pietra, non rimovibili  
Integrazione dei vuoti con impasto di polvere di ferro  
Pozzo In Piazza Galuppi: coperchio ottocentesco in ferro battuto  
Restauro con integrazione di polvere di ferro e un polimero epossidico  

Pometon, a leader in Powder Metallurgy

For almost 80 years, Pometon has been the industry standard for innovation, quality and customer service for both ferrous and non ferrous metallic powders. Pometon melts, atomises and blends metallic alloys to develop unique be-spoke powders. Each powder is a specific technical solution with specialised characteristics depending on the application. Pometon’s powders are utilised in many varied applications, ranging from mechanical parts for the automotive industry with high strength to weight ratio, to self lubrication bearings, diamond tools, welding and brake pads, utilised in high performance braking systems for prestigious cars, trains and mountain bikes.