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Non Ferrous Powders

Tin Powder

Production technique: air atomization, sieving
Composition: 98% to 99.7%
Apparent densities: da 2.50 g / cm3 fino a 3.80 g / cm3
Forma dei granuli: globulare tendente all'irregolare
Particle size distribution: 25 to 100 microns
Colour: silver white

Product families

Tin Sn
Powder at highest content of Sn
Description of the material and main chemical components

Powder at highest content of Sn

Description of the manufacturing process

Ingot smelting, air atomisation, sieving

Typical applications

Composant of sintering blends (bronze), friction, diamond tools, filling, carbon brushes

Particle shape


Main characteristic

High purity, possibility of low size grades

Particle upper cut size (full range)

45 to 106

Particle upper cut size (typical)

45 to 106

Apparent density (typical)

2,50 to 3,80

Application notes

Powder normally stable over time (vs natural Oxidation)

Type Upper cut size(┬Ám) Apparent density(g/cm3) Sn Content %
SN106 106 3.8 99.7
SN 75F 75 3.7 99.7
SN IMP 53 2.25 98