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Pometon doesn't stop.

The company has seized the impasse due to the pandemic as an opportunity to improve its processes and improve its products and services.



The lockdown has slowed down production and other activities in Pometon and partner companies.
How did you respond to the situation?

“We have learned to turn the biggest challenges into real change. - Says Alessandro Breda, Pometon Quality Manager -.
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has further promoted within Pometon an action of strong organizational renewal already underway for some time, aimed at streamlining processes with particular attention to their stability and rapid reaction to sudden changes in global markets ".

What aspects have you worked on above all?

"The commitment to continuous improvement, a theme that has recently found new emphasis in the Company, has led us to work intensively to optimize the production aspects, with immediate impact on the quality of the products and on the service offered to customers".

How does this optimization translate into practical improvements?

“Complaint management is a virtuous example of this search for efficiency. With an average response time of a few hours, our Technical Support represents a solid and efficient interface towards the end customer, whose loyalty is the maximum expression of our corporate priority ".

What are the next steps?

"A system of enhanced services on the client front is accompanied by the remarkable commitment to Total Quality, which involves all the processes that contribute to obtaining the finished product, with a view to endless improvement".

Alessandro Breda
Quality Manager