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Pometon, leader in Powder Metallurgy

For almost 80 years, Pometon has been the industry standard for innovation, quality and customer service for both ferrous and non ferrous metallic powders. Pometon melts, atomises and blends metallic alloys to develop unique be-spoke powders. Each powder is a specific technical solution with specialised characteristics depending on the application.

Pometon’s powders are utilised in many varied applications, ranging from mechanical parts for the automotive industry with high strength to weight ratio, to self lubrication bearings, diamond tools, welding and brake pads, utilised in high performance braking systems for prestigious cars, trains and mountain bikes.

More recently Pometon is developing powders for electric vehicles, 3D printing and medical prosthesis.

Our Mission

To be the value partner in the market of high scale fine metal powders enabling our customers to achieve greater efficiency.


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Our Values

  • Respect to our people, our customers, our suppliers, our community
  • Integrity: to have the courage to make promises and to honour them as a team
  • Flexibility: to adapt our products, processes and organisation to the fast evolution of marketplace


Our Vision

  • To be the point of reference in the Metal Powders and Granules industry for quality of the products, technical support and logistic performance.
  • To further unlock the potential of Metal Powders through innovation, co-development and new applications support.
  • To exceed always the value our customers recognise to our products.
  • To work every day for a cleaner, safer and more happier world.


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Le tappe di una storia di successo


Polveri e Metalli S.p.A.

“Polveri e Metalli S.p.A.” was founded in Marghera-VE by Eng. Toniolo focussing on powders for military applications.



METAPOL Was the original Pometon  Spain – registered in the 60s  and produced steel granules, copper and copper alloys  both atomized in air and  water.


Metallurgica Toniolo

“Metallurgica Toniolo” was founded by Eng. Toniolo in Maerne-Ve focussing on steel shot and grits.


Metal Powder

“Metal Powder” was founded by Eng.  Toniolo in Marcon–VE and  started to produce Copper  and Copper Alloys powders.


AMP Luxemburg

AMP Luxemburg - registered in the 80s and produced steel  granules, magnesium  granules and powders.


A professional management

Since 1988 a team of professional managers was commited to ensure the company growth. 

ILVA: JV located in Terni (Italy) – registered in the early 90s  and produced steel granules
RUSSIA: JV in Ekaterinburg – registered in the early 90s  and produced electrolytic copper powder


Pometon S.p.A.

“Polveri e metalli” and “Metallurgica Toniolo” and “Metal Powders” merged and the new company was called POMETON S.p.A. with headquarters in Maerne.


PMT Italy

PMT Italy ( S. Giorgio di Nogaro site) - registered in 1997 and produced  steel granules.


Pometon Tir DOO

Established in 2003  in Bor, Serbia.