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Sinter Powder metallurgy technologies

Sintering is a thermo-chemical process used to create solid objects and components starting from the material in the powder form. It is widely used in the automotive indusrty among others.

  • Possiblity to produce nearly net-shape objects, reducing machining and material waste

  • Possibility fo form materials that cannot be formed with other technologies

  • Wide range of attainable mechanical properties

Parts like bushings and bearings are made by sintering due to their peculiar shape and required features. Copper alloys like brass and bronze characteristics are usually coupled with an high porosity that permits the part to be soaked in mineral oil, in order to give the piece self lubricating properties.

Copper CuDr150/100-200 Mesh
Copper Cu EL/LN/LP/LT
Copper W-PM-CUE
Bronze CuSn10 -15-20
Bronze U 10/20
Brass CuZn30
Bronze PMX 500

Parts like Gears, bearings, shafts, either normal, hardened, sinter-hardened, porous are taking more and more place in the mechanical components marketplace taking their space from milling and stamping and forging, turning,  extrusion.Automotive is definitely the biggest market for sintering components with other applications like White goods Appliance components and domestic powertools  rapidly growing.

PMX 100-300
PMX 200
Copper CuDr150/100-200 Mesh
Copper Cu EL/LN/LP/LT
Infiltration Cu IN
Copper W-PM-CUE
Copper Cu SA-SB-SE-SF
FerSint P
FerSint RI