Served markets

Carbon brush

Metal-Graphite carbon brushes are used in most motors and generators in domestic appliances, automotive and power tools.

Pometon specific range offers Copper and Tin fine powders to this market.

Up to 80% of the brush compound can be made of our fine electrolityc copper powder.

The combination of high purity and dendritic (thus light and with very high surface) particles shape ensure excellent The compound normally need a very light and pure copper powder to ensure proper electric conductivity and mechanical strength.

Pometon manufactures an extensive range of electrolytic copper powders which quality can be further enhanced by anti-oxidation protecting process.

A broad range of grades is  available on Copper powder thus satisfying a variety of needs and applications.

In addition Pometon offers complementary metals of which most used is Tin in very fine grade which allows specific function in the brush.

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