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 Wherever ferrous residuals of standard high carbon steel blasting cannot be accepted (because of  colour effect or chemical compatibility), Stainless steel shot become the most interesting choice. Pometon offers the most comprehensive range of Stainless Steel shots which is used in

Aluminium/Zama  diecast and casts

Steel moulds for Plastic, glass and diecast

Stainless steel casts

Bronze and Brass casts

Functional treatment of coils, extrusion, trafilati

Aesthetical treatment on consumer goods

Debinding, depainting

Stone blasting and cleaning


Pometon range of Graninox shots allow to reduce working time, extend life duration and preserve machines life.

In its very hard version Graninox CrH can successfully substitute corundum with much longer life and much reduced dusting effect.

Graninox CrH is also used whenever the need for strongest abrasion comes (only for air blasting machines). This material has martensitic structure and sharp crushed edges.We have also successfully applied Graninox CrH as replacement of Corindone and Silica in many applications (thus resolving several issues related to the use of these medias).


Graninox Cr/Ni is the ideal rust resistant media for air and wheel driven blasting. Shape is round and globular with mid hardness (Austenitic structure).

To create a convenient alternative to Cr/Ni, Pometon has recently developed Graninox LN shot where most advantages are maintained but with a lower content of Nickel on the alloy.

Graninox Cr is the right choice for the users of martensitic Stainless steel with medium hardness (500-600 HRV) still compatible with some wheel blasting machines.

Graninox is  available in a broad range of grades from 50 to 3000 microns (some versions have restrictions)

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