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Metal powder is a very convenient raw material to feed chemical processes.

High specific surface of Metal powders ensure good reactivity,

Control of the melting process ensures chemical composition is kept within specification limits

industrial processing ensure stability of the key physical parameters (geometry, flowability, density, size distribution) thus allowing customer to optimise its production efficiency

Low content of un-desired metals and oxides permits containment of time and cost of mass production reactors maintenance.

Most used Pometon material in chemical applications is Iron which is normally appreciated in its most pure form (also known as ZVI).

Pometon tracks a variety of application fields like preparation of  iron based pigments,  reduction of nitrous compounds into amines, preparation of catalyst,  is among the most relevant.

Iron, stainless steel, copper, tin and zinc are all materials which are used either as raw material or as catalyst element or finally to be used as component into electrolytic processing.

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