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Stainless steel shot and grit

Pometon range of Stainless Steel granules have no equals in today's market. A dedicated gas atomisation production line is today capable to produce a consistent range of grades between 45 and 4000 microns (so defining the material either as granules, shots and powder)

Depending on composition of the alloy and with a sharp control of carbon content, our Stainless steel is Martensitic or Austenitic, the shape comes regular or sharp.

A mechanical treatment (either to smooth or to crush the particles) is often applied during production.

Thanks to hardness, shape and chemical resistance, most common application of Pometon Stainless steel is on Blasting surface treatments. Nonetheless we track application of our granules in other fields like resins and glue fillers, ceramic and compound stone.

Product Group:

Stainless steel shot (martensitic) Stainless steel shot (low hardness - austenitic structure)