Tin Sn

Product group:Tin Powder
Description of the material and main chemical components:Powder at highest content of Sn
Description of the manufacturing process:Ingot smelting, air atomisation, sieving
Typical applications: Composant of sintering blends (bronze), friction, diamond tools, filling, carbon brushes
Main characteristic of the product Type:high purity, possibility of low size grades
Particle shape:irregular-globular
Particle Sieving size (Full range): 45 to 106
Particle upper cut size (Typical):45 to 106
Apparent density (Typical):2.50 to 3.80
Application notes:powder normally stable over time (vs natural Oxidation)
Key elements: Sn tin
Key Processing: Atomisation: powder

Other grades are available

Common Version:
grade sieving size Sn min content apparent density
SN 75F 75 99.7 3.7
SN106 106 99,7 3,8
SN IMP 45 98.0 2.5
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