Infiltration Cu IN

Product group:Non Ferrous Premix
Description of the material and main chemical components:Powder blend of Cu (main) with Fe and other metals
Description of the manufacturing process:Blending and homogeneisation
Typical applications: Ferrous sintering (for the particular process defined "Infiltration")
Main characteristic of the product Type:Composition specific to "infiltratrion" process
Particle shape:variuous
Particle Sieving size (Full range): 180
Particle upper cut size (Typical):180
Apparent density (Typical):3
Application notes:Products are ready to press.
Key elements: Cr chromium, Mn manganese, Cu (elctrolytic), Various Premix additive
Key Processing: Atomisation: powder, Electrolytic Powder, Mixed/Homogenised powder (ready to use)

Other grades are available

Common Version:
grade sieving size added elements apparent density Flowability
CUIN 200 106 Mn at 0.6%, Fe at 2% 3 45 max
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