Graninox CrH

Product group:Stainless steel shot (martensitic)
Description of the material and main chemical components:Granules of stainless steel at 28% Cr. Small presence of Mn and Si. Granules have martensitic structure with carbides.
Description of the manufacturing process:melting of alloy, gas atomisation, crushing, sieving.
Typical applications: Mostly used with Air blasting machines on parts requiring aggressive abrasion and roughness surface (stainless steel shot is charcterised by good resistance to rust). Used succesfully in substitution of Corundum, Garnet, Glass and Ceramic granules with definite improvement of durability and dust effect.
Main characteristic of the product Type:Martensitic structure with chrome carbides bring highest particle hardness and crushing process creates sharp particles keeping their shape over working time.
Particle shape:granules, angular sharp edges
Particle Sieving size (Full range): 0.30 mm to 1.00mm
Particle upper cut size (Typical):0.30 mm to 1.00mm
Application notes:hardness range 595 to 800 HV. Use on turbine blasting machines will imply a significant equipment wearing (anyway similar to that of materials like corundum or glass beads)
Key elements: Fe iron, Cr chromium
Key Processing: Atomisation: granules

Other grades are available

Common Version:
grade Nominal dimension (mm) upper sieving size (mm) size @ 90% retained (mm)
Graninox CrH40 0.40 1.00 0.300
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