Ferchim RI

Product group:Iron Powder Reduced
Description of the material and main chemical components:iron powder with lowest content of Oxides and highest content of metallic Iron (ZVI)
Description of the manufacturing process:Thightly controlled smelting, water atomisation, annealing and final sieving
Typical applications: Ferchim has broad use as raw material to chemical processes to be transformed in other components (i.e. Fe2O3) , or as a catalyst, or to be used in electrolitic processes, or to alloy with other metals.
Main characteristic of the product Type:Mostly characterised by strict parameters of chemical composition which can be customised in specific cases. Particle size distribution can also be selective.
Particle shape:irregular to round
Particle Sieving size (Full range): 63 to 500
Particle upper cut size (Typical):63 to 500
Apparent density (Typical):2.9 to 3.5
Recommended Pakaging:BB 1500
Application notes:Selected when application requires the highest level of Metallic iron and strict control on other metals presence
Key elements: Fe iron
Key Processing: Annealing, Atomisation: powder

Other grades are available

Common Version:
grade sieving size Ot% Carbon% Apparent Density
RI 63/3.2 63 0.5 0.01 3.2
RI 106/3.4 106 0.25 0.01 3.4
RI 150/3.4 150 0.25 0.01 3.4
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