Ferblast MT

Product group:Iron Powder Standard
Description of the material and main chemical components:iron powder with controlled content of Oxides, S, C
Description of the manufacturing process:water atomisation and sieving
Typical applications: Soft blasting (i.e. rubber and glass moulds)
Main characteristic of the product Type:mostly characterised by coarse size with shape and size distribution suiting to abrasion purposes
Particle shape: slightly irregular, globular, with smooth surface
Particle Sieving size (Full range): 106 to 850
Particle upper cut size (Typical):300 to 500
Apparent density (Typical):3,5 to 3,7
Recommended Pakaging:S25 P1000
Application notes:Powder colour grade on dark grey suggest use where material treated colour is not relevant
Key elements: Fe iron
Key Processing: Atomisation: powder

Other grades are available

Common Version:
Standard grades Sieving Size Ot% Carbon % Apparent density
MT 300/3.7 300 0.9 0.05 3.7
MT 106/3.8 106 0.9 0.05 3.8
MT 500/3.6 500 1.0 0.05 3.65
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