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Copper Powders

Pure copper powders is a product range which has been growing continuously in Pometon over last years. Beside the water atomised powder process we have developed the electrolytic process where we start from minery ores in order to ensure highest purity. Either water atomised or electrolytic copper powders are used in a vast range of applications which are appreciating either the pure composition, the globular particle or the dendritic aspect. Each application is asking for peculiar grades, cost and density. To reach the highest purity, with strong reduction of Oxides content, our powder (normally done on electrolytic ones) can be supplied after annealing processing.

Product Group:

Copper Atomised powder Copper Electrolytic Standard Copper Electrolytic Annealed

Other Non Ferrous Powders

Pometon range of non ferrous powders is comprehensive:

Pure metals (attained by air atomisation)

  • Zinc
  • Tin

Copper alloys based on

  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Phosphorous
  • Premix blends
  • Based on Copper or Bronze with addition of other metals, lubricants and more.

Applications of above are most diversified: sintering of ferrous and non ferrous components, Friction, diamond tools, Chemical, Jewelry and more. Each application requiring peculiar specifications.

Beside all above powders (i.e. with grades normally between 40 and 500 microns), to meet requirements coming from the market of soft blasting processes, Pometon range is set to include Brass and Aluminium granules.

Product Group:

Brass powder Brass Shot Bronze Powder Copper Alloy Powder Tin Powder Zinc Powder Non Ferrous Premix