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Pometon experience on Iron metallurgic processes starts in 1960. Today our plant is focussed on production of atomised iron with a very high purity grade.

Key aspect of our process is the qualification of the scrap material we feed in our blast furnace. We consider that starting from quality raw material is essential to guarantee stability of final products performances. All our pure iron powders are attained by water atomisation and sieving. When highest purity and low content of oxides is required, iron powder is processed in annealing furnaces where content of metallic Fe (ZVI) of 99,5% can be reached.

Pometon iron atomised powders is covering a grade range between 40 and 800 microns, with density, flowability, compressibility, purity, specific surface which is tailored around the vast range of applications we cover.

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Other Ferrous Powders

Particularly focussing on the market of sintering applications, Pometon has developed a broad range of powders based on iron and iron alloys.

Market requirements are most demanding; from iron powders simply blended with other metal powders, to powders made of pure iron alloys (alloyed at melting), to powders defined "diffusion bonded", to ready to press blends of powders which includes base metals, complementary metals, graphite, lubricants and more.

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