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Stainless steel shot (low hardness - austenitic structure)
  • Stainless steel shot (low hardness - austenitic structure)
  • Key usage: Stainless steel shot is primarily used in high quality blasting surface treatment of parts (aluminium, brass, steel, stone)
  • Production technique: gas atomization, mechanical treatment(smooth), sieving
  • Composition: Cr at 18%
  • Structure: Austenitic microstructure is dominant
  • Hardness: 250 to 430 HRV
  • Particle shape: round shot
  • Particle size distribution: 45micron to 3.5mm
  • Key characteristic: Low hardness, long life, high corrosion/oxidation resistance
  • Colour: silver-grey
Graninox CrNi
Graninox CrNi

Product Group: Stainless steel shot (low hardness - austenitic structure)
Description of the material and main chemical components:Granules of stainless steel at 18-8% Cr-Ni. Small presence of Si and Mn. Granules have austenitic structure
Description of the manufacturing process:melting of alloy, gas atomisation, sieving.
Typical applications: Air and Turbine blasting on parts requiring soft abrasion (by round and not too hard granules), good resistance of the blasting media to rust, high durability of granules. Particularly used on aluminium, brass, copper and alloys, stainless steel and stone slabs blasting treatment
Main characteristic of the product Type:Austenitic structure and round particle shape allows soft abrasion effect, high resistance to corrosion, avoidance of dust effects, low wearing of equipment, long life of media
Particle shape:granules spheroidal round
Particle upper cut size (Full range): 0,15 mm to 3,35mm
Particle upper cut size (Typical):0,30 mm to 2,36 mm
Apparent density (Typical):
Recommended Pakaging:
Application notes:hardness range 220 to 350 HV, is mostly used on turbine blast machines
Key elements: Fe iron, Cr chromium, Ni nickel
Key Processing: Atomisation: granules

Other grades are available

Common Version:
grade Nominal dimension (mm) upper sieving size (mm) size @ 90% retained (mm)
Graninox Cr/Ni 20 0.20 0.425 0.075
Graninox Cr/Ni 40 0.40 1.00 0.425
Graninox Cr/Ni 100 1.00 2.00 0.850


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