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Copper Alloy Powder
  • Copper Alloy Powder
  • Production technique: water atomization from molten alloy, sieving
  • Composition: Beside standard copper alloys based on tin and zinc, Pometon can manufacture  other pre-alloyed grades using other metals like Phosphorous, Nickel, Manganese
  • Today most relevant grade is based on a Cu-P alloy whcih is appreciated because of its low-melting point, and de-oxidising action
  • Other  alloys can be considered as result of peculiar requirements by customer followed by a co-design phase.
Copper CuP15
Copper CuP15

Product Group: Copper Alloy Powder
Description of the material and main chemical components: Copper-phosphour alloy powder
Description of the manufacturing process:water atomisation of molten alloy, sieving
Typical applications: friction, Diamond tools, jewellery
Main characteristic of the product Type:Phosphour acts as de-oxiding agent and to lower melting point in alloys.
Particle shape:irregular
Particle upper cut size (Full range): 106
Particle upper cut size (Typical):106
Apparent density (Typical):3.0
Recommended Pakaging:
Application notes:Use of this powder permits a much simpler handling compared to pure Phosfour.
Key elements: P phosphorous, Cu copper
Key Processing: Atomisation: powder

Other grades are available

Common Version:
grade sieving size alloying element apparent density
CUP15 106 P at 15% 3


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Models Copper CuP15
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Model Copper CuP15
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